Happiness Consultant
Happiness Consultant
Welcome Friends...

Life is good, Live life to it's fullest but, be aware that you have a long way to go. I've learned a lot of things and I'll try to impart some of it here.
  • Happiness is not something that you aquire, it is something that you Choose.
    • Love life with all you got, there is no room for hate or fear.

      1. Hate is tempered with love.
      2. Fear is conquered with experience.

    • Smile because it's infectious.

      1. It improves your mood and those around you.
      2. It improves your health.
      3. It improves facial muscles.

    • When Praying the words are meaningless, God answers the soul's attitude, not the words.

    • Bless the bad things for knowing what you do not want actually shows you what you DO WANT and that is good.

    • Your greatest enemies are your greatest teachers

    • Input = Output, You get out of life physically, what you put into it emotionally.

    • Eat modestly and save some for tomorrow.

    • The quickest way to loosing weight is simply to eat between 800 and 1600 calories a day.

    • Live life as you did when you were a child, with a care free attitude and everything is new and wonderful.

    • Live life in the slow lane, and don't go rushing to your grave.

    • Take up a hobby it will lift your spirit.

    • Being Happy is a DECISION!!

    • Make the DECISION to be Happy and True Happiness Follows.

    • Leave no footprints.

    • Stress is the leading cause of illness. Get Happy all over and don't give away your Joy. YOU have the power to BE, no one MAKES you anything, YOU choose how you act and re-act.

    • Happiness based on External Stimuli (things, people, places) will always disapoint or cause grief ALWAYS eventually.

    • Happiness based in Faith is true hapiness and can never diminish

    • When you become happy, everything around you will be happy or it will fade away.

    • Your affect is limited and requires time to work.

    • Yelling at a plant will wither it, Speaking love to a plant will make it grow faster. The same thing happens to all life. People animals etc....

    • No matter what happens to you, no matter where you are or the situation you find yourself to be in, the emotions you are feeling are a result of a choice that you have made. The body's reaction to stimuli is automatic but you can choose to override these automatic responses with conscious deliberate thought that will change the emotional state of your body. Most humans do not consciously create their emotional responses they simply allow circumstances (stimuli) to generate automatic emotional responses and become angry, sad, happy, jealous, fearful etc... without realizing that they have complete control of their own emotions (This is Choice by Inaction). By consciously creating deliberate thoughts (Choice by Action) you can change your emotional responses which will enable you to be anything you want to be regardless of the circumstances you find youself to be living. So you don't need to change your circumstance to be happy, you simply need to change your mind and BE happy.

    • Everyone can turn their life around, you just have to Start.

    • Life is one big experiment, Do your own research and be your own Guinea pig.    Try new things as it will change your life experiences, doing the same thing will only bring the same experiences.

    • When you feel sad, think of a happy memory and smile.

    • Do not linger in negative emotions as these are harmful to the body.   If you find yourself having negative emotions, quickly as you can find a better feeling thought.   Traffic problems can seem to allow us to slip into a negative emotional state of frustration or anger, say to yourself, "I feel good, I am alive and I am well, if I get delayed it is for a good reason.  I will be happy and things will be ok."

    • Disease (Dis-Ease) is a symptom of your emotional state.

    • We are vibrational beings and we live in a vibrational world.    Negative Emotions are a low vibration and attract Disease which is also a low vibration.   Happy Emotions are a high vibration and attract health.  So if you want to be healthy "Get Happy".

    • People who become Rich all have one thing in common, they use the "Power of Positive Thinking".  

    • To material, evolutionary, finite creatures, living of the Father´┐Żs will leads directly to the attainment of spirit supremacy and brings such creatures one step nearer the comprehension of the Father-Infinite. Such a life is one predicated on truth, sensitive to beauty, and dominated by goodness. Such a God-knowing person is inwardly illuminated by worship and outwardly devoted to the wholehearted service of the universal brotherhood of all personalities, a service ministry which is filled with mercy and motivated by love, while all these life qualities are unified in the evolving personality on ever-ascending levels of cosmic wisdom, self-realization, God-finding, and Father worship.

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