Three Springs in 1980 Rendition

Three Springs is a parcel of 11 Acres of land in the George Washington National Forest, it was part of a 100 acre parcel belonging to Sweet Briar College of Amherst, Va. in the late 1800's the land was given as a gift and was primarily used for hunting. Later it became a working farm where they raised cattle and grew the best cabbage in Amherst County (Reported by one of our neighbors to us when we became the property owners). It was eventually dived up between family members and eventually sold on the market. Our 11 acres is 3 acres of meadow and 8 acres of woods mostly damaged white pine from hurricanes and from previous owners removing the hardwoods to raise money. The white pines that were damaged have become infested with engraver beetles. The trees are interspersed with various other soft and hardwoods, of which one is locust. There is only 1 locust tree still alive on the property of which all of the others have died at a fairly young age since they are 5 inches or less in diameter. The original housing structure was a one room cabin with a sleeping loft and was used as a hunting cabin. Eventually 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen and laundry room were added on to the original cabin. The pond was added in the 70's and was originally 12 feet deep, it has since filled in and is now 7 feet at its deepest point. In the 70's thru the 90's the property was primarily used as a getaway for summer fun and weekends until the previous owners retired to the property. We purchased the property in October 2013 with the intention of it being a Hiker Hostel for the Appalachian Trail and once again become a sustainable farm. We found out in the first 3 years that we could either work on the hostel and guests or work on the farm so after 4 years we decided to close the hostel for at least the foreseeable future in order to build the infrastructure of the farm, buildings, animals and equipment and revisit the possibility of opening the hostel at a later date.